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Lift12 co-design workshop

mardi 28 février 2012


Lift12 co-design workshop


We have animated with Johnatan Landais at lift12, a workshop aimed to share the co-design method developped in Host project and to collect complements about needs, tools and services for ederly people in social housing.

Some elements about our methodology :

  • The goal of the workshop was to imagine new ideas mixing ressources from real end-users and from the close relatives from the participants. However in case of short workshops (less than 2 hours) it is usefull to provide simple resources like already-known problematics. This constraint of efficacity can be contradictory with co-design method, especially in case of taking the place "unknown" people or problematics, a long time of exchange and immersion is a waranty of well working.
  • We have split the worshop in main stage of work (needs, tools, ressources) with a progression to a global service design. It is necessarry to "coerce" the co-designers to deliver a working production at each step in a guided form. The animation tools can be a paper form. It can as well be a tablet input that would be validated at the end of each step (ie : describe the need of the people) and usable by other co-designers in next steps.
  • Mixing informations can be sometimes productive sometimes not :
    • It has been difficult to achieve at the same time the goal to gather informations and to share the project and the method.
    • At the opposite, we have used technologies for animation during the workshop that where afterwards involved in the creation of new services (kjing).

You will find below the conductor/guideline of our workshop, ressources used in it and some results collected.

Lift Workshop Material
Most of the ressources created by Marie Leblanc.

Results of the workshop

Technologies that have been important for you

  • Internet, mobility, smartphone, mailing
  • Agriculture : plow, fermentation
  • Energy : Solar wind, LEDs
  • Collaborative online tools like : open-source container, Wikipedia
  • Art and memory : digital cameras
  • We can notice that main answer were linked to

Categories and needs

  • Social environement
    • Used to play (cards, "boules") : how to play home when sick ?
    • Shopping stress
    • Help on managing the computer so the person can send emails to its relatives and family
    • See grand-children grow *
    • Difficulty to send easily messages to family *
  • Health, mobility, organisation
    • How to manage with a lot of different pills (remember prescription, organisation)
    • Difficulty to have bus schedule *
    • Difficulty to take the bus
    • Lack of physical stimulation
    • Day and night : confusion problem and difference to other people
    • Food hygiene sometimes bad (lack of vegetables and fruits, microwave, etc)
    • Diffulty to carry buyings in supermarket
    • Problem of organization in cleaning and food cooking
    • Problem of memory
  • Infrastructure
    • Interior layout not adapted to aging (kitchen, etc)
    • Falling in home, fails to get help
  • Motivation, "spiruality"
    • Wake up : when ? why ? how ?
    • Lack of intellectual stimulation
    • Manage change for new retired people/pensionnier
  • Cultural interest
    • Access to past radio/TV programs
    • Access to cultural informations / virtual visites
    • Access easily to recipies and user-guide
  • City life
    • Difficulty to communicate with care taker or institution (OPAC) *
    • Share local informations, but not in common rooms *
    • Exchange, discuss with local associations *

* : from OPAC’s end-users

New ideas / propositions

  • Am I healty ? Submit my data to central service (blood, sugar, weight)
  • Nutritionnal values with bar-code scanning in context of buying
  • Personnal reminder
  • Cook better perhaps with help (scaching)
  • Shuttle supermarket : home delivery and home pickup to the supermarket. Why not mix it with the school bus and ask pupils to carry bags.
  • In supermarket : just mark the products you want to buy and they delivered at home
  • Providing help to get on/off bus. Or special button.
  • Detection system to prevent faling without geting help. Possibility of peer-care like project :
  • Humoristical diary for the day to come *
  • Memo vocal to record simply by himself notes *
  • Listen to voice of friends more often *

* : from OPAC’s end-users

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